On Tuesday, I got back home after a month in the United States. This was the shortest trip I have done to the U.S, but it also was a huge blessing. I was just a little disappointed that I could not meet with everyone I would have wanted to see.






It was such a joy getting back home; seeing my wife and kids is always more than a delight, especially after such a long time away – the price of ministry. Alvin can’t stop singing “Happy Birthday” to me.

But then, I had to hit the road running with breaking ground at our new church property. It has been really exciting to see how God was putting everything together. We got a permit that had taken over 4 months, in just one day!. Seeing the excavators, the trucks, the tree cutters, men and women working…. God is faithful! Our Faith is to move to this new place by the end of the year and get out of renting.





This is Phase one: Clearing and leveling the place.  Phase number two: will be placing a concrete slab foundation in this place. I will keep you updated on the whole process as we go. However, if you want to see daily progress, please check out my facebook page or the FB page of The City Church-Luzira

Again, Faith and I, and the whole team here at Transform African Ministries and The City Church – Luzira, really do appreciate you for all the support and contribution you giving to us. As you make your donation towards the construction, please designate it as TAM- BUILDING.