The church
It has been such a busy season for the church. We have so far celebrated two weddings and organizing for a three more, a university outreach in which 22 students came to Jesus, last month we baptized 15 people. The women’s ministry put together a Princess Night to celebrate and appreciate women. The young people just came back from a youth Camp with amazing testimonies of life change. Seven gave their lives to Jesus that week.

Hope house
This is where you really get to see with your own eyes the very definition of Transformation. One of my favorite ones is Margaret’s story. I had always seen Margaret around church, and she looked like one of the most miserable young girls you could ever meet. But to now walk into Hope House and see Margaret laugh and play shouting out loud to her friends! It makes me want to do this a thousand times more. In Margaret’s eyes you see Hope restored and a life transformed.

THE Fields City Kindergarten
We have concluded our first academic year. The response has been amazing. Now 3/4s of the parents that brought their children to our school are attending our Church. I have always said, we take the kindergarten more as an outreach than an academic institution, even though we really are strong in academics. We are now gearing up for the next year and already more parents have began  bring their children.

This year we have had 10 mission teams that have visited Luzira. Six have been groups of more than three from partner churches and 4 have been individuals. With these we have mainly focused on outreach and church ministers training. I hope this coming year; you will consider coming to see what God is really using you to do here in Luzira as we continue to serve him.

It has been a great year. There has been wonderful growth in all areas of our ministry. We expect even more this coming 2015. It has been all because of your amazing continued monthly and one time support that you have faithfully and generously given to the work of God here. I pray that as we end this year, you will again renew you monthly financial support for the work God is doing here. An end of year gift to TAM would also give us a great boost in opening up 2015.