New Year, New Place, New Program

New Year, New Place, New Program

We have always communicated our desire is to see transformation on the Spiritual level, the economic level and social level.

The Big Move:

The spiritual level involves provides our community with a model church, strong in its witness for the kingdom of God. Finally we have been able to move the church to a better location. We began this year with the preparations for the church relocation. Two weeks ago we made the big move to our new location. And God is still overwhelming us. I think the pictures will tell the story better than the words. You can also find more pictures at

Old Location                          New Location

Old Service                          New Service

Career Center and Fit for Life Program

At the economic level was the setting up a career centre to bring together novice and experienced entrepreneurs and take them through a process of discipleship and mentoring as we develop them into mature Christian leaders in secular settings where they will be witnesses for God, with the capacity to create jobs within their area of passion or training. With the help of one family, we were able to start preparing for and also pilot this program with two students. This year, our desire is to develop this more as we continue reaching the influencers of our community for Christ. You will be hearing a lot more about the career centre and the Fit for life program this year.


This school holiday, we added two teenagers to our household –Milly and Grace –nice girls whose home situations were pathetically horrible for any teenage girl.
Even more exciting – Aaleyah has started school.

Our Appreciation

All of us involved with Transform African Ministry and Luzira Community Church (now THE CITY CHURCH) do not cease to pray for you as we thank God for you continued generosity. All we have been able to accomplish here has been because of your generosity towards the work that God is doing here.

We continue to ask for your prayers in these areas:

  1. Continued Salvation for the people in Luzira and the Surrounding areas.
  2. God is bringing us the “Big” people of this area (at least in the last two weeks). Pray that we will have the wisdom to Shepherd them well too.
  3. With the relocation also comes new challenges. We are yet to put electricity here, set up the children church, a stage and we have more people standing because we do not have enough chairs. Continue to pray for provision
  4. Pray that God will pour his favor upon us with our neighbors, the local leaders, and government officials that we have to deal with.
  5. Pray against corruption in our country. We end up wasting a lot of time and resources because of this.