Our Story

Who We Are.

Transform African Ministries

Mission and Vision

We exist to empower individuals in their current relational, economic, and geographic context to actively and creatively engage their community for the purpose of transformation in the name of Jesus Christ

We seek to make disciples and empower them for transformation in the name of Jesus Christ. This transformation is on three levels: Spiritual, Economic and Social.

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Spiritual Transformation

Transformation begins, first, in the hearts of people. Therefore, a change in society or a community requires a God-inspired heart change. Through our ministries we seek to draw community members to the Church so they can witness the love of Christ firsthand.

Economic Transformation

Our leadership and entrepreneurship program brings together novice and experienced entrepreneurs and guides them through a process of discipleship and mentoring. The end goal is that they will be witnesses for God and job creators within their area of passion or training. 

Social Transformation

We recognize we are surrounded by immense poverty and need. It is our goal to leverage the skills, resources and access of our target group, the middle and upper classes of Luzira, to collaboratively identify and provide practical answers to our community’s felt needs.