About Transform African Ministries

Our Mission

We exist to empower individuals in their current relational, economic, and geographic context to actively and creatively engage their community for the purpose of transformation in Jesus’ name.

Our Vision

We seek to make disciples and empower them for transformation in Jesus’ name. This transformation is on three levels: Spiritual, Economic and Social.

Spiritual Transformation

Transformation begins in the hearts of people and change in a society or a community requires a God-inspired heart change!  The primary place where Spiritual Transformation happens in TAM is The City Church in Luzira. With focus on sound doctrine and Biblical truths applied to the sometimes complex challenges that Ugandan society faces, we are witnessing a revival of faith at The City Church!

The property where The City Church resides serves multiple functions for the Ministry — not only does is house the Church and its many programs, but it is also the meeting place for the Fit for Life program.  Our future plans include locating The Fields City Academy on adjacent property, as well as Hope House home for girls and young women. Currently both are located away from the main ministry campus.

Spiritual Transformation is being multiplied as Pastor Alex has taught church leadership seminars to more than 200 pastors,  enabling these leaders to foster transformation in the lives of scores of Ugandans by God’s Spirit. 

TAM is working to plant other churches in various towns and cities across Uganda. In 2020, a new pastor, mentored under Pastor Alex, is going to plant a church in Mbale, Uganda, a predominantly Muslim city. It is TAM’s mission to spearhead cross cultural spiritual connections and friendships so spiritual transformation can flourish throughout Uganda! 

Economic Transformation

We have established a leadership and entrepreneurship program to bring together novice and experienced entrepreneurs and guide them through a process of discipleship and mentoring. In addition, we are helping to develop them into mature Christian leaders in secular settings where they will be witnesses for God, as well as having the capability of creating jobs within their area of passion or training. 

Even more of our young people succeed when they receive start-up funds for their aspiring businesses. These up-start entrepreneurs watch their businesses grow, and as a result, they hire more Ugandans to work at their companies. With the creation of more job opportunities comes a thriving Ugandan economy!

Social Transformation

Once there is Spiritual and Economic transformation, the way will be easily paved for social transformation. We invite our fellow Ugandans, particularly those in the middle and upper classes, to partner with us to alleviate the suffering of our marginalized and impoverished people in Uganda.   The ultimate goal of this ministry is to see more Ugandas leading and helping other Ugandans grow in Christ, prosper in His Grace and continue growing in service to others.

With increased economic opportunities and through your financial partnership and business coaching, Ugandans have more options and can have greater control of their destiny. Spiritual and economic transformation empowers Ugandans to be bold in their dreams as they harness the tools to reach their full potential. 

We invite you to join us to continue leading the effort to make disciples who actively and creatively engage their communities for the purpose of transformation in Jesus’ name! 

Transform African Ministries News & Communications

Read about the latest news, upcoming events, and transformational stories of God’s grace 

News from February 2021

News from February 2021

Friends, I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to God for your continued friendship, partnership, prayer and financial support for what God is doing in Uganda through this ministry. Literally, thousands are being touched and ministered to every week. The City...

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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The Effect of COVID-19 in Uganda Even though Uganda has registered very few cases of Covid-19, many people have lost their primary sources of income because of the lockdown. A number of people in Luzira have also been displaced by flooded lakes and rivers due to heavy...

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Year End Letter

Year End Letter

Thank you from your U.S. Board Chair As we come to the end of 2019, I want to thank each of you for your partnership in sharing the transformational message of Jesus Christ in Uganda. The year began with the City Church being able to move from a leased location to a...

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How You Can Be Part of the Transformation

God has given us a vision that is much bigger than what we can do on our own and we need your help! 

Growing and Expanding into a Ministry Center

Our vision is to create a Ministry Center for the city, purchasing the land adjacent to The City Church Luzira, to provide sufficient space to meet the growing spiritual, social and economic needs of the surrounding community. These needs include a larger worship and teaching center; expanding the school to include all primary grades; a career center with meeting rooms and computers; and living space for additional young girls to experience safety and God’s love, by significantly expanding the capacity of Hope House. We already have identified, analyzed and strategized which buildings, properties, and land owners are best to fulfill our vision. With a God-sized vision of raising $1,000,000 USD we will be able to make the Ministry Center a reality!

Support our Vision for a Ministry Center