The Effect of COVID-19 in Uganda

Even though Uganda has registered very few cases of Covid-19, many people have lost their primary sources of income because of the lockdown. A number of people in Luzira have also been displaced by flooded lakes and rivers due to heavy rains that started in March 2020. There is a general sullen atmosphere of sadness and people are looking towards God and the Church to help them get through this dark time. Now, the lockdown has been almost 90% lifted but it’s effects are still a long way from subsiding.

Food for the Community of Luzira

Three times since March, Transform African Ministries through The City Church-Luzira has given out some food (rice, posho and beans) to over 250 families each time. However, the needs seem to be increasing with time. We need to support even more people so that they can at least feed their families as we wait for this situation with Covid to come to an end. Would you consider giving to the feeding program at The City Church-Luzira? We are looking at raising at least $2,000 a month, for the next six months to help feed at least 300 families per a month.

Volunteers from The City Church Luzira, preparing food bags to distribute to those in need.

Support for The City Church-Luzira’s Ministry Team

With the lockdown and all the challenges that have come with it, the church ministry has increased. We are so grateful for all our team of staff and volunteers who have made reaching out to God’s people a success throughout this terrible season. This is Simon (commonly known as Uncle Simon), our associate Pastor who has been instrumental in reaching out to our community and understanding the needs of our church members. Simon just got married 3 months ago.
Now, the church has experienced such a drop in its regular giving – understandably so, given the circumstance and we have been forced to cut our staff salaries to half. But even with that, we are really struggling to keep up. Instead of making any further cuts, I have chosen to appeal to our friends and partners. If we can raise $1000 a month, for next six months, we will be able to keep the church staff employed. These men and women have given their all to serve God’s people.


Martha (above) is walking through her former neighborhood near her family’s home that also flooded. She is currently living with her older brother.

The Hope House Girl’s Families
Among the people affected by floods are several of our hope House girls. Sharon, one of the beneficiaries of The Hope House, lost her family home due to flooding of Lake Victoria. Her family had to find shelter at a friend’s home because their house had been submerged in water. The same happened to four other girls in The Hope House program.

We found that the best way to help was to resettle these families. So far we have successfully resettled Sharon’s family, who were able to give an acre of land outside of Kampala, construct a two roomed house, and they have already started growing corn, bananas and other vegetables. All this, for $1800. It has been so exciting to see the joy and hope return to this family that we would like to do the same for the other Four (4) families. With $2000 for each of these families, we can literally change their whole living conditions.

Pastor Alex shares: “Wow! I feel the Lord has given me more boldness this time to make this ask because the conditions of our people really need this boldness and I am grateful that you can partner with us to change people’s lives.”

Here is the summary breakdown.
Food for the community of Luzira; $2,000 X 6 months = $12,000
Support for the ministry team; $1,000 X 6 months= $6,000
Resettling Hope House girls’ families; $2,000 X 4 families = $8,000

We are therefore looking for only $26,000 in the next 6 months to help us continue to serve our community.
Would you please consider a monthly or one time donation towards the above?
Thank you for heeding the voice of God and for supporting Transform African Ministries and may the Lord continue to supply all your needs according to His riches in Glory, Amen!

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