Have You heard…
…. that this month God added to our family a bouncing baby boy? Baby Alvin Marvin Mutagubya came out to us on the 5th of May 2015. The incredible Faith had two contractions and before we could get to Hospital, on the third one, Alvin came in the back of my Car. Talk about scary!!!!! That was an experience. Both the mum and the boy are doing very well
….. that we have began negotiations to buy or lease (longterm) a piece of property in Luzira for the Church and Ministry? Last month, we identified a piece of land that was available for sale. It is a 1/3 of the current place we are rent even though it would cost right about the same because it right in the middle of Luzira. Meanwhile, our current landlady about the same time also gave us an offer to a long term lease. On both properties, our Lawyers are negotiating for us to get the best deal on either one of them
…. that Aaleyah and I  are traveling together this time to the States? We arrive in Portland on Tuesday, the 26th of May. We will stay for 8 weeks. Please send me a note if you would like us to catch some time together. I know, I would definitely want to. My schedule is very loose and flexible at this time. I would have want to invite to a ministry update evening at Crossroads church Portland on the 25th of July.
Please pray with us and continue your support. It is what has kept us serving up to this point. Faith and I bless the lord for you, always.