Dear Friends of Hope House

It has been on our minds since the inception of Hope House to create a stable and safe environment for the girls by providing a home for them to grow, learn and thrive. We have just found another home to rent after the previous home’s lease was up and we could not come to an agreement with the landlord to extend the lease. We believe that now is the time to prepare for another option. WHAT IF we built a home for the girls? A home where they wouldn’t get displaced by a landlord? A home which is part of TRANSFORM AFRICAN MINISTRIES. A home which we OWN, and which will be the stable, consistent place to land for these girls in need. And WHAT IF attached to the home there was a women’s health clinic to meet the healthcare needs of the girls of Hope House, but also to assist with healthcare for women and girls in the surrounding village?

This is the vision, and this is our HOPE. Would you join us in bringing our vision to completion? Would you donate your resources to the HOPE HOUSE BUILDING FUND?

The first goal is to raise $100,000 for the lot. You might think this sounds so expensive, and you’re right, it is. While the masses in Uganda live in abject poverty, land in Kampala is very expensive and can only be purchased by the most affluent. If the lot costs less than $100,000, then the remaining funds will be used in the building of the home. Building costs in Kampala are much more reasonable!

If you wish to donate, please click on the DONATE NOW button below. In addition, if you want to visit HOPE HOUSE in Uganda, please contact me and I will take you there! If you’d like to wait until the home is complete, there will be a guest area waiting just for you…

Also, stay tuned for mission opportunities. If you have ever wanted to give your time and talents in a missional setting, we are always looking for teachers, cooks, gardeners, bakers, seamstresses, etc. to work with the Hope House girls. What do you love to do? And how could your talents be used to teach life skills to the girls? TELL ME! I want to hear from you!!


Dawn Richerson