Jocelyn had to apply for a dead year at University because the mother couldn’t afford to pay for her anymore. We knew she was a brilliant young lady and rather than give her tuition, we offered to give her some start–up capital, if she could come up with a viable business idea.

chickensShe came back to us two weeks later with a Chicken rearing business proposal. We got her in touch with Patricia who was already in the chicken rearing and selling business to mentor her and also bought 200 baby chickens for her in October. By December, she had sold off all the 200 chickens for a profit, enough to buy 300 more chickens. By last week, she had sold off all the 300 hundred, again.

She is very confident that by Easter she will have another 500 birds to sell. In August she is going back to school with enough to pay for her own tuition. All this, without TAM adding her any more money. When we talk about economic transformation, this is exactly what we are talking about. We would like to be able to do this with many more young people in Luzira.