By Sandy Griffin

The Lord’s presence was made obvious in many ways! First, there had been no venue found until Thursday when Alex spoke to the owner of the building for a second or third time. Previously the group that owned the building had not been in favor of the idea. Then on Thurs., God changed one man’s heart/mind to grant us permission for the Christmas morning service, the Launch and for the Family Conference held Dec. 29-31.

There was no HOT tent to suffer in from the heat, but a cool 2nd story of a partially built third story building. Between Thurs. & Sat. night a stage was erected, one light installed, Christmas decorations hung— all completed by the devoted crew of volunteers at Luzira Community Church.

People from the community, the Luzira C.C. & Kampala arrived at various times. The venue was full with approximately 400 people & many children! There was traditional African dancing done by Dancers for Christ, various solo musicians, vocalists, the worship team and the “best” children’s choir in Uganda! (Luzira C C’s own) directed by Raymond, also a volunteer.

Pastor Charles Kayiwa, a native-born Ugandan who now pastors in England gave a challenging, but encouraging message directed for Alex. He used the Scripture of Gen. 1:1 about how God creates something out of nothing. He encouraged Alex that when you are building a church out of nothing, you cannot fail because God is the one who forms His church for functioning out of nothing. So, in the beginning God created… “It’s only when you see the invisible that you can believe the impossible”, Pastor Charles said.

Alex’s “father”, Pastor Peter of the Ggaba Community Church reconfirmed that Alex was anointed by God to start His work in forming Luzira CC. and this will transform the community, the surrounding city of Kampala, and eventually the country of Uganda- to the continent of Africa. Pastor Peter also challenged the congregation to give of their time, talent, and treasures.

Several of the pastors & those of us from T.A.M. gathered around Faith & Alex for a time of laying on of hands in prayer as we commissioned them to go and make disciples, empowering them for transformation in Jesus’ name. We were finally dismissed after a long hot day of fun in Uganda. It was a great Christmas time in Kampala, Uganda; celebrating the birth of Jesus together with the body of Christ. Together we sung, danced and jumped for joy.