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Christian Mission Trips to Uganda with Transform African Ministries

Mission trips are more important now than ever.  When you join a mission with TAM, you become a ministry partner.  We believe that each of these partnerships matter and that they will create a lasting impact for communities in Uganda, for your church and for you. 

Discover Genuine Faith. 

Live your mission. 

Grow closer to God. 

Experience culture. 

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

1 Peter 4:10


Five Reasons to Go on a Mission

1. You Gain a Greater Appreciation of God’s Word
When you go on a mission, you’re modeling what Jesus and his disciples carried out as you serve others. As you exchange ideas and share your experiences and pray with local community members, you’ll be moved to deepen your understanding of God’s Holy Word.

2. You Expand Your Worldview
As you visit other countries and encounter diverse cultures, you’ll acquire knowledge and insights that widen your perception of the world. You’ll appreciate other cultures and lifestyles to a greater degree. You’re likely to be more sensitized to the needs of people who live in other parts of the world. Through this process, you could be inspired to serve  in other mission fields!

3. International Affairs Become More Relevant
You return from your mission much more appreciative of how world events truly impact people in far-away lands. You will be blessed with the opportunity to bless people you otherwise would never know were it not for your outreach mission!

4. You Make Lasting Friendships
As you immerse yourself in the culture and way of life of your visiting country, and you interact with the people there, you’ll naturally form cross-cultural relationships while in service to the Lord. Friendships emerge as you connect with the stories shared by people in your host country. 

5. Your Faith Will Grow
During your mission trip you’re likely minister to the people of Uganda, pray together, and share your faith with each other — and as a result, you’ll be moved to dig deeper in your own Christian faith. By ministering to others, you’ll strengthen your relationship with God. Watch as your faith expands as you discover how to be in tune with God’s vision for you and those in host country. 

How to Prepare for a Uganda Mission 

What Should I Expect on a Mission Trip?

Being Outside Your Comfort Zone
Our unique mission trips will stretch you outside of your comfort zone and into the miracle work of sharing God’s great commission. In the process, it becomes more clear to you that Jesus has called upon you to be a disciple.

Be Adaptable & Open to New Experiences
This is an adventure, and not everything will go as planned. We’d like to invite you to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and lead you as you welcome new experiences.

Faith-Based Activities
As you engage in fun activities with the Ugandans like basketball, throwing frisbees, and dance competitions, you create a fun atmosphere in which to explore God’s love and fellowship. Sharing God’s good news will be a fun and joy-filled experience!

Sharing the Love of Christ
Whether it be in a church with four walls, a hut, an alley, or the townsquare, we invite you to meet the local culture where they are and stretch your own thinking as you come to know God is always everywhere. While you can expect their culture to be very different, it’s our love of the Lord that binds you together with the people in Uganda.

Time For Reflection & Sharing
You’re encouraged to journal your experiences while in Uganda and ponder how these life-changing encounters and discoveries are affecting your faith walk and altering your worldview. You will be inspired to draw closer to God as you reflect on the ways God is moving in your life and in the lives of the local people.

2020 Mission trip opportunities


Children’s Ministry Camps

We need help putting on camps for our children and youth ministries in January, May, and December. Your church can serve alongside the team from The City Church-Luzira to plan and participate in these fun, christian camps for our youth!

Fit 4 Life Ministry

In September we are looking for teams and individuals who can help us with our annual business plan review panel and to put on the Business Growth Conference.  This is an excellent time to plan a mission trip to support our Fit for Life Ministry.

Would you like to learn more about planning a mission trip?

Please fill out this contact form and we will reach out to you with more information. We can work with your local church leaders to assist in the planning and organization of a mission trip to Uganda.  If you are interested in traveling on an individual mission, we have team members who can help you too. 

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How You Can Be Part of the Transformation

God has given us a vision that is much bigger than what we can do on our own and we need your help! 

Growing and Expanding into a Ministry Center

Our vision is to create a Ministry Center for the city, purchasing the land adjacent to The City Church Luzira, to provide sufficient space to meet the growing spiritual, social and economic needs of the surrounding community. These needs include a larger worship and teaching center; expanding the school to include all primary grades; a career center with meeting rooms and computers; and living space for additional young girls to experience safety and God’s love, by significantly expanding the capacity of Hope House. We already have identified, analyzed and strategized which buildings, properties, and land owners are best to fulfill our vision. With a God-sized vision of raising $1,000,000 USD we will be able to make the Ministry Center a reality!

Support our Vision for a Ministry Center