Educating a Generation in Christ

Our school is thriving, providing an academic Christian education that appeals to middle to upper-class influential families in the heart of Luzira.  With a strong foundation of preschool through second-grade students, we are ready to expand to serve more ages and more classrooms.

Our School

The Fields City Academy

Educating a Generation in Christ

The Fields City Academy is an academic institution that gives young Ugandans the opportunity to receive a quality education. The education these children receive prepares them to become contributing and productive members of the community.

In 2014, we opened The Fields City Kindergarten with 13 students and in 2019, we managed to squeeze in 58 students! This has been a dream come true. Our desire and prayer is to become a full primary school (Kindergarten through Primary 7) serving the community not only as an academic institution but also as an outreach and discipleship tool to both our students and their parents. Currently we are able to serve children up through second grade.

Skills Students Learn at the Academy

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

 Proverbs 22:6

While at the school, students learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We help these young Ugandans to know God so they will be equipped to creatively engage and change their communities by the power of the Gospel in the name of Jesus Christ.

In addition to basic skills, teachers place an emphasis on literacy with students at all levels. The precepts that shape the curriculum at our school are Biblical principles, academic excellence, and amazing care.

The teachers at our school truly take special care with each and every student. This work is about more than an education. This work is about investing in young Christian leaders for Uganda’s future.

Students learn more than academic skills. Teachers prepare them for success as human beings, not just for work. Among the personal qualities these young Ugandans acquire are:

  • Creativity
  • Resilience 
  • Motivation
  • Persistence
  • Curiosity
  • Endurance
  • Empathy
  • Resourcefulness

These qualities are taught in the context of a Christ-centered world view. The skills these children learn as they grow up will equip them to reach their God-given potential and be successful at their avocations.

Teachers, meanwhile, thrive in an environment of collaboration and friendship at our school as they educate and disciple their students.

The Value of a Christ-Centered, Excellent International Education

Education is the key to changing Uganda’s destiny. We offer an affordable international education, focused on blending Biblical history with secular history and the history of Uganda and greater Africa. We teach scriptures from the Bible while imparting the knowledge that each child is known and loved by God — there’s nothing else offered like this in Uganda.

Children begin their days drawing closer to God by participating in morning devotions, memorizing Bible verses and learning practical life lessons from Bible stories.

In Uganda, our schools are religious. In fact, when children take an academic test, they must choose between an Islamic test or a Christian test. The public education curriculum was established during the 1990’s and it has not been updated since. It is fair to say that our education program is largely obsolete.

Middle- and upper-class Ugandans want to have their children in The Fields City Academy. Our school is set apart from the others, as we offer an affordable tuition and a glorious vision for their children’s future. The skills these children learn will equip them to reach their God-given potential and be successful, first as disciples of Jesus and then as contributing members in Uganda society.

We want to see all children of Uganda encouraged and motivated to become all that God wants them to be — academically, socially, physically, artistically, and most importantly, spiritually. The life skills these young Ugandans learn will position them advantageously to thrive in their vocational pursuits.

Our mission is to educate our Ugandan youth while preparing them for success in their careers. Just as important, our school places an emphasis on discipleship so more families can experience the saving grace and power for living through Jesus Christ!

We believe that with a solid foundation in God, and a modern education, our children will become creative, critically-thinking problem solvers who will learn the relevant skills to thrive and build up the Ugandan economy, as a new generation begins to lift Uganda out of poverty.

Room for Growth & Support at The Fields City Academy

Our school has the challenge of needing to expand to meet the growing needs of the communities we serve. We need more space to accommodate the burgeoning growth of our student body. To help us meet the needs of our children, your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated! When we reach the needed level of funding, we will expand the school through 7th grade, reaching our goal of becoming a full primary school.

You can have a direct, tangible impact on the effectiveness of our school by helping to support the hiring of a new principal. Faith Mutagubya is serving as the interim school administrator until a principal can be hired. With your support, we can raise the funds needed to provide a fair and reasonable salary for our new administrator. 

Because of low salaries, turnover of staff is a challenge for our school. Your generous contributions will allow us to offer our teachers a living wage at a Christian primary school.

You can partner with TAM to help us to fund a library at the school so we can operate a “Read-at-Home” Program that will send our children home with books.  Teachers at our school place an emphasis on book reading for kids at all grade levels. You support will be instrumental in launching this enrichment program.


How You Can Be Part of the Transformation

God has given us a vision that is much bigger than what we can do on our own and we need your help! 

Growing and Expanding into a Ministry Center

Our vision is to create a Ministry Center for the city, purchasing the land adjacent to The City Church Luzira, to provide sufficient space to meet the growing spiritual, social and economic needs of the surrounding community. These needs include a larger worship and teaching center; expanding the school to include all primary grades; a career center with meeting rooms and computers; and living space for additional young girls to experience safety and God’s love, by significantly expanding the capacity of Hope House. We already have identified, analyzed and strategized which buildings, properties, and land owners are best to fulfill our vision. With a God-sized vision of raising $1,000,000 USD we will be able to make the Ministry Center a reality!

Support our Vision for a Ministry Center