Taking Care of the Marginalized and Vulnerable

The Hope House for Ugandan Girls is a unique solution that provides safety, educational support and opportunity to twelve girls from the community of Kampala. 


A Transitional and Educational Home for Ugandan Girls

The Effect of COVID-19 in Uganda

Even though Uganda has registered very few cases of Covid-19, many people have lost their primary sources of income because of the lockdown. A number of people in Luzira have also been displaced by flooded lakes and rivers due to heavy rains that started in March 2020. There is a general sullen atmosphere of sadness and people are looking towards God and the Church to help them get through this dark time. Now, the lockdown has been almost 90% lifted but it’s effects are still a long way from subsiding.

Martha (above) is walking through her former neighborhood near her family’s home that also flooded. She is currently living with her older brother.

Our Hope House Girls’ Families Struggle

Among the people affected by floods are several of our hope House girls. Sharon, one of the beneficiaries of The Hope House, lost her family home due to flooding of Lake Victoria. Her family had to find shelter at a friend’s home because their house had been submerged in water. The same happened to four other girls in The Hope House program.

We found that the best way to help was to resettle these families. So far we have successfully resettled Sharon’s family, who were able to give an acre of land outside of Kampala, construct a two roomed house, and they have already started growing corn, bananas and other vegetables. All this, for $1800. It has been so exciting to see the joy and hope return to this family that we would like to do the same for the other Four (4) families. With $2000 for each of these families, we can literally change their whole living conditions.

I want to give my support!

The Eyes and the Smile of Hope

Many girls who live in Luzira, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda, find themselves vulnerable to many risks.  They are in real danger of being hurt while they are in their own homes while their mothers are working. In some cases, they are being sexually abused by their own fathers or uncles. In the slums, where many of these young women live, they are near places of prostitution, adult entertainment, gambling and excessive drinking.  The living conditions are squalid and unsanitary.  

These girls are at risk for unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Often, mothers of these Ugandan girls have to work at night, leaving children home alone and having to fend for themselves. In addition to risks of physical and emotional abuse, no one is helping these young women with their education or encouraging their self-worth.  

For a young girl growing up in a slum community, the chances of attaining, let alone completing, secondary  school education are very slim. Moreover, slum communities are some of the most risky environments to raise a child in Uganda.

However, these pre-adolescent and adolescent girls find safety, refuge, spiritual guidance and encouragement at the Hope House ministry! With funding and leadership from Transform African Ministries (TAM), Hope House ensures that these girls are safe and cared for while they focus on learning important life skills.

Learn Values and Skills for Life

The girls at Hope House receive a lot of love and guidance as they explore their interests and engage in cooperative learning! The adults who run Hope House also work to improve the self-esteem of these girls so they can reach their God-given potential.

Hope House transforms the residents environment in the following areas: 

  • Education– tutoring, vocational training and educational supplies 
  • Emotional support – individual and group counseling services 
  • Spiritual growth – sharing God’s love and discipling them in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ 
  • Physical well-being – medical care

Supporting Hope House Ministries

You can invest in a Hope House! Your partnership will make a profound, tangible difference in these girls’ lives. With your gift of $80 or more a month, or $960 a year, you support a Hope House for at-risk young Ugandan women – paying for rent, utilities, food, chicken feed, charcoal for cooking, school supplies, vocational training supplies, books for the library, and more mission-critical programs within our Hope House ministry.

We currently have one Hope House, and are praying for the support to open more Hope Houses, serving Kampala’s marginalized and vulnerable girls. You can have the satisfaction of knowing that your generous partnership makes it possible for these adolescent girls to thrive! Hope House Ministry is not a traditional child sponsorship program, as we are focused on providing the safety and security of a loving home. We partner with other ministries to find sponsorships that do things like allowing these young ladies to attend schools nearby.

safe and cared FoR

“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Deuteronomy 31:8

Hope House is a Christ-based transitional home and education center located in Kampala, Uganda. It was established to give girls who are living in the slums of Luzira and Kampala a safe home and an environment conducive to learning. While at Hope House, the girls, who are typically between the ages of 10 and 14, share household duties and learn values and skills to prepare them to become leaders in their communities!


How You Can Be Part of the Transformation

God has given us a vision that is much bigger than what we can do on our own and we need your help! 

Growing and Expanding into a Ministry Center

Our vision is to create a Ministry Center for the city, purchasing the land adjacent to The City Church Luzira, to provide sufficient space to meet the growing spiritual, social and economic needs of the surrounding community. These needs include a larger worship and teaching center; expanding the school to include all primary grades; a career center with meeting rooms and computers; and living space for additional young girls to experience safety and God’s love, by significantly expanding the capacity of Hope House. We already have identified, analyzed and strategized which buildings, properties, and land owners are best to fulfill our vision. With a God-sized vision of raising $1,000,000 USD we will be able to make the Ministry Center a reality!

Support our Vision for a Ministry Center