It has been an amazing couple of months as we hosted several mission teams. Here we share with you what the Lord has done through these individual and group missionaries.

We have also been able to do what we do in our community because of the incredible partnerships we have both in Uganda and outside. The last two months have been months of missions here at The City Church – Luzira.





We started August with a team visiting from Journey church in  Bend Oregon. Together we visited a number of schools; teaching the gospel and sharing in the fun of Christ. We crowned this mission with a youth outreach event  we called “The Youth Conf- Phest” that attracted about 400 young people.







We also hosted individual missionaries who worked closely with the girls in the Hope House program, The Fields City Kindergarten, and all the ministries of The City Church.  Michelle Doty, Dawn Monical, Mckenzie Corbin, and Aunt Phyllis have been incredibly blessed us. They stayed with us for more than 3 weeks.





A couple of weeks ago, we were joined by a team from New Heights Church and Gazelles international. We had a two-day business growth Conference with 140 leading entrepreneurs and business people in Kampala.







After that, we had a 3 days retreat with 25 young upcoming entrepreneurs of our Fit for Life program.Here small business ideas were polished, business etiquette was taught and business ideas were developed. These 25 five young people represented 15 business ideas that were worked on. At the end of the retreat, Six of these ideas were capitalized and will start running within the next couple of months. Our faith is to raise enough funds to launch all the 15 businesses developed and more.





We thank God for the great provision he has shown us over these two months. Thank you for your continuous support in the journey of this ministry. In this coming year, plan a trip to Uganda.