Rejoice with us!

This week we received a major approval for the use of our premises after 8 months of running back and forth. The National Environment authority has approved that we can go ahead use it for church. Now have about two more approvals from the depart of Physical planning to go before we can actually use the place but this has been a major one.

A Family Trip and Graduation

This time Faith and my two girls, Albright and Aaleyah, are joining me in the US for my graduation. Please pray that faith will be issued her visa. We are planning to be there from the16th of November to the 18th of December. I will also be defending my dissertation during that time and then having my commencement on the 15th.

Our Office

This is our current office, doubling both as the church office and TAM head office Uganda. We bought our office furniture in 2012 as we started out and now it is all falling part. As you continue supporting TAM this month, I would like to ask that you also make a special designation to help us buy some new office furniture. We need only $1800 dollars to do that.This would get us 6 tables, 6 chairs and 3 filing cabinets. Please memo the check (TAM-Office Furniture) as you send it in.

Thank you so much.Keep praying for us. God bless you.