Greetings from Uganda! This time, I am writing to request that you pray with us.

For Our Country

The one major thing Uganda and the States share in common this time around is a heated campaign seasons. While this has been the most non-violent campaign season we have had in a long time, you still can feel the tension and uncertainty in the air. On the 18th, Ugandans go to the polls to choose who our next president is going to be. I want to ask that you keep our nation in prayer especially for calm before, during and after the polls and that the most capable leaders are voted in so our country may move forward positively.

For Hope House

After a long search we finally got a new house manager who seems very capable of taking the Hope House to the next level.  However, we recently had a disagreement with the landlord and we had to vacate the house we were renting. We are searching for a new house that is safe and near to the church. Please pray with us to find another house before the girls have to go back to school on the 22nd of February.  In fact we have began thinking of perhaps just buying our own place to accommodate the girls.

For Our Church

We purchased a piece of land for Church last year and we would like to put up a church building. There are many processes and plans we have to go through as we prepare to build. Pray with us that the processes may run faster and for God to provide funds to start the building project. The great news is that God is continuing to increase the number of our congregation and we believe that He is preparing this ministry for great work.

My Upcoming Trip

This year I plan to travel to the US from April to May. Pray with me that the journey may be smooth and safe as I go, travel and return. Also, while am there, I would like to meet with you . Please email me back and let me know if you have some time for us to meet.

May God bless you and keep you in His Grace. Please pray with us and continue your support.