Today, I thought it would be fitting to share with you some more exciting things that have been happening here. This month, the Field City Kindergarten opened again for the third term which ends the year. Hope House girls also came back to the house as they started to attend school.  The Church has also had a lot of exciting activities going on and that is really what is on my heart to share with you this time.

We started out the month with 21 days of prayer and fasting. At the end of the first week, the whole church matched from our present location to the new piece of land we just bought. We all together prayed over the land and dedicated it to the lord.

As we did that, the neighbors remarked “it’s good the church has come to pray for this place. They need to cast off of it all the demons of prostitution and adultery that exist on it.” The land we bought was a former bar. We have hired an artictect to draw the plans for the place.

We concluded the fast with a 3-day outreach campaign (we call it a crusade) and were joinedby a team from Canada. Frankily, I have never seen anything like it since we came to Luzira. Close to 200 people made a decision to give their lives to Christ. The crusade ended on Tuesday and we kept asking the new believers to come at church on Thursday.


On Thursday, we had over 100 of the new believer show up at church. I can’t wait to see, then, how many show up on Sunday.

Faith and I really appreciate your continued prayers and support. We share these stories because we want you know that you are a huge part of what God is doing here in Luzira.