7 people saved and 9 more baptized
There is not a more exciting experience than seeing someone give his or her life to Christ and you know it is real. Last month, we had seven (7) people make a confession of faith in Jesus Christ for the first time here at The City Church. I can tell seven intriguing stories but let me just do one of Andrew. Andrew is Kenyan, about 42 years old. He has been coming to our church from March 2013. After I led Andrew in the prayer of confession, with his face all lighted up, he took me aside and said, “Pastor, I have been co-habiting with Jesus for long, now I feel like I just got married to him.”
Then this last Sunday, we had 9 people that we baptized during the service. It is worth it! It is worth it! It is worth it!

Seven years married
Faith and I celebrated our seventh anniversary in marriage last week also (the 24th of march). That is seven years, one wife and 2 beautiful girls. God is faithful. This month, we celebrate Aaleyah’s 5thbirthday. Now our prayer is that we will be in our own house by our 8th anniversary. Rent is so far our biggest headache.

 Opening Hope House
Faith has always had a heart for the vulnerable girls in our community. In fact, she even brought two of them to live with us. Since last month, with the help of a friend, Dawn Richerson, they have been working hard, laying the ground work for the establishment of a home for these girls in Luzira. Already 12 girls have been registered, a house identified and painted and the government paper work handed in.  The hope is to open up HOPE HOUSE on the 1st of may. All that is left now is finding sponsors for each of these girls. For more on HOPE HOUSE, please check out their blog. http://www.houseofhopekampala.tumblr.com/

Mission trips
As I prepare to visit the States again this May and June, I want to encourage as many people and churches as possible to come and visit to see what God is doing in Luzira. Pray about organizing or joining a mission trip to Uganda this or next year.