Our mission in transform African ministries is to disciple and empower people for transformation in Jesus’ name.

One of those areas of transformation is economic transformation. The fit for life program is our main vehicle for driving economic empowerment and transformation. In fit for life we bring together experienced and novice entrepreneurs and take them through a process of discipleship, mentorship and entrepreneurship training.
This month Transform African ministries patterning with Gazelles international and new heights church of Vancouver Washington hosted two big programs; we hosted a business summit for 80 CEOs in Kampala and a business incubation retreat for 40 young entrepreneurs.

The Business Growth Conference

One of the most rewarding experiences for me was to hear some of the CEOs redefine their business purpose in terms of a biblical world view, and refocusing their business core values for economic empowerment of their community. For example, one of the business executive exclaimed, “wow I just found out that our core purpose is to help Africa win”


The Business Incubation Retreat

Out of the 40 young people, 3 of them we selected to be funded to start or boost their business. Unfortunately, out of the many viable and promising ideas we were only able to fund those few. Since last year, we have been able to help now 10 young people start their own business, employ two or more other people.

For more information, please check out our Website www.transformafricanministries and click on “fit for life” under the ministries tab.

We have over 40 young people going through entrepreneurial mentorship and training. Would you consider contributing to a capital fund to help this young people start? Just designate it to “Fit for Life” capital fund.

Testimony from New Heights Team Member: Terry Wren
Terry Wren added
September 24 at 4:57pm ·
As I reflect this morning I find my heart full. For the past two weeks Kelli and I were in Kampala Uganda as part of a team of incredible people from Transform African Ministries, The City Church, Luzira Uganda, Gazelles International, and New Heights Church, Vancouver Washington. We all had the opportunity to participate in executing jointly on a very clear vision and purpose. There were individual coaching sessions of Ugandan Business CEOs, a two day Business Growth Conference and a three day Entrepreneurs retreat where the focus was on business plan development of some 40+ young people (university aged). A common thread and desire in all these meetings is that there is sharing of how our Faith can and should influence how we run our business. We visited a few of the businesses we are collectively supporting that have been started since our trip and meetings last year. There is progress. This is a vision and purpose that will be collectively executed over many years…. one business at a time. One of my favorite quotes I heard some time ago continually comes to mind….”It’s amazing what can be accomplished if no one is concerned with who gets the credit”. All I can think about this morning is this… “God is Good

Thank you so much.Keep praying for us. God bless you.