Alex wanted T.A.M to reach both the middle-class and help the poor. He felt the best way to address these challenges was to equip Ugandans. T.A.M’s goal is to make disciples and empower them for transformation – first spiritually, then economically and socially. By focusing on people who have education and influence, T.A.M can evangelize the unreached middle class and then equip them to reach the poor in a self-sustaining way.

To achieve this, Alex and Faith plan to replant Luzira Community Church so it is obtainable to both the middle class and poor. As head pastor, Alex plans to focus on spiritual transformation where the people are:

  • Meeting the Savior
  • Being discipled
  • Becoming the hands and feet of Jesus

Through spiritual transformation, Alex and Faith pray the congregation will be empowered to bridge social divisions and become a thriving church actively transforming its community.

Looking Forward

After the official United States launch, Alex, Faith, and T.A.M’s board of directors are looking forward to the next steps:

  1. Moving Alex and Faith back to Uganda
  2. Relocating Luzira Community Church
  3. Raising money for T.A.M’s first year of ministry
  4. Preparing for T.A.M’s official launch in Uganda on Christmas Day, 2011