Getting Involved in T.A.M’s Mission

As with its vision, T.A.M’s supporters bridge cultural gaps. Individuals and churches in the United States and Uganda have united to launch and sustain the ministry. In addition to financial support, there are several opportunities to visit Luzira Community Church and join T.A.M’s mission through:

  1. Music and worship
  2. The arts
  3. Construction
  4. Child services
  5. Evangelism

T.A.M is organizing three trips to Luzira in December, leading up to T.A.M’s final launch. The dates are:

  1. December 9-18 (10 days)
  2. December 18-27 (10 days)
  3. December 9-27 (18 days)

If you are interested in joining T.A.M supporters on a missions trip, please contact us.