By Alex Mutagubya

It has only been a few weeks since I joined the teaching team at Africa  Renewal Bible college as part-time Lecturer. Yet this has also come with another weight of conviction as I understand that most of my students are already serving God in different churches across the region of East Africa. Hence as I teach and affect their lives, their understanding of scripture and their convictions about christian living, I understand that what I am doing goes beyond just them. God has given me the great privilege and responsibility to influence the Church in East Africa through these men and women.

This has also caused me to reflect on the phenomenon of teaching and learning. For teaching and learning go hand in hand and cannot be divorce from each other. Teaching takes place only when learning happens. The teacher therefore has the responsibility not only to teach but to ensure that when he/she teaches, learning is actually taking place on the part of the students.

It therefore behooves the teacher to go passed delivery of the material content to make sure that the students are indeed receiving and producing the necessary predetermined outcome of each educational experience. While this does not excuse the student’s role as stewards of their learning, it calls for a relationship between the teacher and the student that ensures that when teaching takes place learning also happens.

That is my main goal every time I enter a classroom. I want these servants of God to learn something that will change their lives for the better and also be able to influence other people in Jesus’ name.