Ways to Give

Transforming the Lives of Ugandans

You can join this transformation movement empowering Ugandan people by supporting Transform African Ministries (TAM) with a donation that is right for you. Because we plan ahead when funding our life-saving ministries, we would be grateful to receive monthly contributions from you. Your generous donation will help TAM equip our people to engage their communities for the purpose of transformation in the name of Jesus Christ! Know that with your financial support you will be making a real and transformative change in a Ugandan’s life! Thank you for your support!

The governing board of directors will apply all funds received for the solicited purpose stated by the donor. Any funds received over and above the budget of the solicited purpose will be put in the general fund for operating expenses and future needs.

Fit for Life

Fit for Life supports novice entrepreneurs by connecting them with experienced business owners who provide coaching, guidance and when appropriate, financial support. This mentoring and training provides Ugandans with the tools and start-up funding for properly-vetted and approved business plans. As these new businesses thrive and grow, they provide jobs and economic uplift to many more Ugandans.

The Fields City Academy

The Fields City Academy nurtures our Ugandan children by serving our community, not just as an academic institution, but also as an outreach and discipleship tool. While currently serving kindergarten and early primary (Elementary) school grades, plans are ongoing to grow into a full-fledged primary school (K-Primary 7). There is a new focus on moving beyond rote memorization to teaching critical thinking skills.

The Hope House

Hope House is a transitional safe and secure house for adolescent girls between the ages of 9 to 14, who are vulnerable to risks of being left alone while their mothers work long shifts often at night. Sadly, some of the problems come from immediate family members. While at Hope House, these girls and young women are disciplined as Christ followers, encouraged and loved by the house mother, and taught good study and work habits. We work with other ministries to find sponsorships which allows these young ladies to attend schools nearby.

The City Church-Luzira

As a spiritual foundation and cornerstone for the Transform African Ministries, The City Church in Luzira has a mission to make disciples and empower them for transformation in the name of Jesus Christ! The church preaches salvation through Christ alone and disciples families and singles in Christian ethics and living, including financial management and healthy marriages. The worship is uplifting and brings glory and honor to God!

Plan a Mission

We encourage your church to consider planning a mission to Uganda and investing your time, talent and treasure in a trip to Uganda.  You can experience the joy of watching a transformation take place. You may work in a children’s camp, teach a women’s Bible study, help with some construction projects or even mentor a young entrepreneur.     


How You Can Be Part of the Transformation

God has given us a vision that is much bigger than what we can do on our own and we need your help! 

Growing and Expanding into a Ministry Center

Our vision is to create a Ministry Center for the city, purchasing the land adjacent to The City Church Luzira, to provide sufficient space to meet the growing spiritual, social and economic needs of the surrounding community. These needs include a larger worship and teaching center; expanding the school to include all primary grades; a career center with meeting rooms and computers; and living space for additional young girls to experience safety and God’s love, by significantly expanding the capacity of Hope House. We already have identified, analyzed and strategized which buildings, properties, and land owners are best to fulfill our vision. With a God-sized vision of raising $1,000,000 USD we will be able to make the Ministry Center a reality!

Support our Vision for a Ministry Center