albrightI am actually writing this sitting in a hotel in India. Faith and I are coming to the end of a 12-day mission visit with Pastor Tom Burgess and a team of 12 from the U.S. What an incredible time we have had seeing and learning from these brothers and sisters. The church of Christ is amazing all over the world. The family is doing well. No, we did not travel with the Kids. Aaleyah has school and Albright is enjoying the company of Phyllis Munich who has been visiting our family in Uganda for the last six weeks.



The City Church

The church is continuing to grow. Last month we bought 75 more chairs to have enough seats. We have more children every weekend than Adults. So we added another fulltime staff for the children’s ministry. Her name is Lydia. One hurdle we still need to overcome is to purchase this piece of land.


Alex Faith at ChurchAs I told you in the last update, the owner is not being very clear with us anymore about selling. We hope to have a more definitive word from her by the end of this month, since that is when our current lease is ending. Please pray with us on this. It is the one thing causing more strain on us than any thing else.

Something New

On the brighter side, we have begun preparations to open up the School early next year. We will be starting with ages 4-6 years. We are planning to start with 50 kids. You will be hearing more about this. I ask that you pray for Rhoda Kabuya our Principal as she heads this up.

Moving forward

construction 2I want to invite you to remember to stand with us both in prayer and financial support. It is your generosity that has helped us to see what is happening in Luzira today. Faith and I currently fully depend on your support, as does 85% of the ministry. Your monthly giving makes a lot of difference.