Our Values

  1. Biblical & Christ-Centered:The bible is our rule for life and practice both corporately and individually and we continually seek to lift up the name of Jesus as the savior and answer for the world.(Col 3:16; 2 Tim 3:16)
  2. Church-based:We work primarily with and through the local church. (Mat 16:18)
  3. Love-driven:It is God’s love and our reciprocation of that love that governs our decision-making and policies. (1 John 3:18; 1 Cor 16:8)
  4. Worship and Prayer:Prayer and worship permeates our daily living (Col 4:2; Luke 18:1).
  5. Community and Fellowship:We are a place where people come and feel welcome, stay and keep growing, go and reach out (Acts 15:19).
  6. Missional and Disciple-making:We are intentional in reaching out to our neighbors and building bridges that help others come to know and grow in Christ (Mark 12:29-30, Luke 10:25-37, John 1:35-39).
  7. Partnership and networking:We work in concert with others of like-mind and purpose. (Mat 10:11)
  8. Integrity:We are committed to always doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching. (Mat 5:48)
  9. Stewardship and Accountability:We are committed to using the resources God has entrusted us with in the most effective and efficient way. (Eph 2:28; Rom14:12)
  10. Teamwork and Point leadership:We believe in each other and we confidently follow our leaders as the Holy Spirit leads them also. (1 Cor 3:8 NLT)
  11. Creativity and Excellence:Whatever we choose to do, we give it our best, constantly seeking ways of achieving better results for the glory of God. (Col 3:23)